Karlyn is proud to announce the addition of Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors to our successful line of Mass Air Flow (MAF) and Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS).  Bremi Fahrzeug-Elektrik produces  every component of their Sensor program in their own factories with the final completion and  100% testing of each sensor, done in Germany.  Their acquisition of “Streicher Plast” in Germany has allowed them to become a leader in Injection molded parts for electronics and microelectronics utilizing the same material, fit and function as OE.  All Bremi Cam/Crankshaft Sensors contain Hall-Effect Sensor IC’s from OE manufacturers.  Each Sensor is subjected to an electrical test which compares the sensor data to the OE profile to ensure that it is within optimal range and meets IATF 16949 OE standards.  On top of that, Bremi performs this electrical test both before and after a full thermal shock test to ensure performance under all environmental conditions.

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