Ignition Coils, Coil Packs and Direct Ignition Coil Units

Karlyn/STI distributes a comprehensive line of high quality Import & Domestic Ignition Coil-on-Plug (COP) components.  Our engineers work closely with our suppliers to monitor and optimize the performance of our Ignition coils.  We also utilize independent engineers for diagnostic testing to maintain the integrity of our coils, plus we utilize German quality windings.

Many of our European coils are manufactured by Bremi Fahrzeug-Elektrik of Germany.  Their expertise as an OE manufacturer of ignition parts can be found in all the aftermarket coils that they produce.

Our COP units feature:

  • Consistent high voltage output for optimum performance
  • State of the art epoxy injecting procedure which eliminates air pockets and prevents thermal breakdown while also exhibiting high dielectric properties.
  • Expertly wound coils on durable bobbins for long and consistent service life

Note: A fouled spark plug can damage the Coil-on-Plug unit.  We recommend that you always replace the spark plugs when you replace the COP units and that all the ignition coils be replaced at the same time.  As a form of preventive maintenance we suggest this be done every 60,000 miles.