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Karlyn Industries Inc. STI Spark Transfer International

O.E. Type Connectors

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The best performing connectors that money can buy.

There are many look alike connectors in the industry, but few manufacturers can meet our O.E. standards for their entire line.  We take no short cuts.  Just like our superior cable construction, our connectors are O.E. designed and tested.  Several of our connectors hold European patents and are used in the "ERSTAUSFUHRUNG".

Typical connector construction

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O.E. tested & ISO 9001

The standards by which our connectors are designed, produced and tested.

Temperature Resistance Test
Temperature Shock Test
Vibration Resistance Test
Voltage Leakage (Salt Water Bath) Test
High Voltage Protection Test
Voltage Interference Test
Connector to Cable Holding Force Test
Engage/Disengagement Force to Plug Test
Service Life and Endurance Test
Oil Resistance Test
Corrosion Resistance Test

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